We offer convenient Car Seat Installation & Inspection services, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve. The car seat will be securely installed and you will be able to harness your child properly when traveling in a vehicle. We provide FREE INSPECTIONS to ensure your car seat is installed correctly.
  What We Do   SAFETY FIRST !!   Mission Statement  
  Our Car-Seat Technicians are certified by St. John's Ambulance, and committed to helping you choose the appropriate seat for your child. We offer training on proper car-seat use and provide installation and inspection services at our location, or take advantage of our mobile service and we will come visit you.   According to Transport Canada, over 80% of Car seats are not used correctly. With over 100 000 babies born annually in Ontario, thousands are injured in motor vehicles collisions. Research has shown that a correctly installed car seat can reduce the chances of injury by 75%.   We endeavour to educate and promote the importance of child passenger safety through our services and resources.

Helping families attain the highest level of protection from their restraint systems is our top priority; this ensures your children are travelling safely in motor vehicles